Shop to support the
livelihood of our citizens

We foster financial independence in our citizens by equipping them with meaningful skills such as harvesting income-generating produce. We need you at the other end of this effort in supporting their livelihood by purchasing and bringing the fresh produce to your table.

Support our citizens and bring fresh produce to your table!

What we do

Streamlining Political Systems

We work with policy makers to
align political agendas to the best
interests of the citizens we serve

Building Meaningful Skills

We foster independence in
citizens by equipping them with
meaningful expertise

Enhancing Connectivity in Remote Ares

We assist citizens in remote areas
to interact with digital tools

Maintaining Security & Peace

We bolster security for a collective
benefit as a peaceful society sets
the foundation for prosperity

Developing Digital Platforms

We develop digital platforms to
engage citizens meaningfully and
improve their livelihoods

Our Impact

We strive to make meaningful impactwith sustainable solutions
that address the most pressing challenges our continent faces

Through various projects and initiatives, SASA has directly improved the livelihood and economic well-being of our citizens, especially women and youth. This is only the beginning as we will continue to fight for our citizens with your support!

200 Households

Sustained by linkage to income
generating activities includingthe cultivation of chili

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150 Women

Successfully mapped to economic
opportunities to sustain their livelihoods

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250 Youths

Linked to personal development
opportunities that have made them self reliant

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Latest highlights

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Education is a fundamental right for every child, and it is the key to unlocking their full potential. Unfortunately, many children in Kenya still face barriers to accessing quality education. As a result, the government, non-governmental organizations, and...

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VALUE PROPOSITION We offer reliable, self-sustainable and cost-effective solar-powered solutions for home appliances, office installations, borehole pumping, irrigation systems, farm facilities such as cold rooms and other heavy...

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Word from our founder

Join hands with SASA as we embark on a course to transform our continent

– Moses Sawa Kalume